Model PMT MS60 PMT SS30 PMT SS40
Capacity 60,000 litres per hour 30,000 litres per hour 40,000 litres per hour
Body Stainless steel
Cone Ceramic / Nyoil / Teflon
Waste Receiver Stainless steel
Valves Stainless steel valves complete with actuator
Control Panel PAD system (fully automatic and it can be programmed to the interval required at the control panel)


Desanding Cyclone is used to continuously separate solid particles such as sand and heavy impurities in the slurry before the process of separation via the centrifuge machine. The use of desanding cyclone actively prolongs the lifespan of oil room processing equipment. Depending on the severity of sand content, single stage or multi stage desanding cyclones are available.

- Cost effective - protection against corrosion damage
- Highly efficient and works continuously
- Has no rotating parts
- Compact, easy to install and low maintenance

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Palm Oil Industry
- For desanding crude palm oil prior to centrifugal separators

Juice, Wine and Starch Industry
- For water / solids separation

Steel Mill Industry
- For clarification of rolling mill coolants and for removal of mill scale

Mechanical Engineering Industry
- For processing wash water and coolants

Sugar Industry
- For recycling water used in washing crude sugar