Model SID - 550PH/L
Capacity 40 - 50 Tonnes / Hr FFB
Type Continuous processing horizontal solid wall bowl decanter centrifuge, screw type
In Feed Product De-sanded palm oil sludge (under flow from vertical clarifier)
Wear Protection High abrasion wear resistant tungsten carbide hardfacing for screw conveyor
  High abrasion wear resistant tungsten carbide hardfacing bushing for inlet and discharge ports
Maximum Centrifugal Effects 3,000 G's
Driven Method V-belt / Inverter / Motor Driven
Main Drive Motor 55kW/75kW X (380V/415V) X 50Hz/60Hz X 4Poles / TEFC / IP55 / Class F
Sub Motor 7.5kW X (380V/415V) X 50Hz/60Hz X 4 Poles / TEFC / IP55 / Class F
Bowl Diameter OD 542mm, ID 510mm
Maximum Bowl Speed 3,250rpm
Differential Speed 12rpm
Material Contact parts with process liquid = SUS316, H-NBR
  Common Base Bed = SS400
Hardness Treatment Tungsten Carbide - Decanter Conveyor
  Tungsten Coating - Feed Nozzle and Discharge Nozzle
Machine Dimension (Approx.) 4,200mm(L) x 1,010mm(W) x 1,410mm(H)
Total Weight (Approx.) 5,000kgs


Saito SID Decanter is a three-phase decanter for use in palm oil mills. It is principally used in the separation of sludge, oil and water during dewatering process.
The highly reliable Saito Decanter is wear resistant and user friendly. It is also economical, efficient and requires low maintenance due to its innovative design and systems.

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Features and Benefits

Oil Flushing Lubrication System
To ensure Lubrication Oil is continuously charging through the main bearing in order to minimize the wear and tear of the bearing.
- The system is integrated with safety alarm tripping control system for Low Oil Pressure, High Oil Pressure and High Oil Temperature. Adjustable instruments are connected to SID Decanter local control panel by control cable. 

Control Panel with Inverter
- Soft start of the main motor while back motor’s speed can be adjusted manually to different speed.
- To protect the motor from overload by acting as a safety interlocking device to detect any high torque due to imbalanced operation in the decanter.
- Cleaning-in-Place enables automatic cleaning without having to disrupt operations.
- Variable speeds to suit in-feed condition.

 High Torque Planetary Gearbox
Robust quality and low maintenance.

 Screw Conveyor
Maximizes decanter performance and minimizes oil lost.
- High abrasion wears resistant Tungsten Carbide Hard facing for low maintenance.

 Discharge Bushing, Feed Nozzle, Feed Zone Liner
Tungsten abrasion wears resistant Tungsten Carbide Hard facing for low maintenance and prevention of corrosion.

Frame Design with Low Centre of Gravity
- Unique designed Low Centre of Gravity (CG) main bearing casing for greater stability, decrease vibration amplitude and low maintenance.