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  • Introduction & Specification
  • Features & Key Highlights
  • Operation Data
  • Application & Construction Material

Saito decanter is a three-phase decanter for use in pam oil mills. It is principally used in the separation of sludge, oil and water during dewatering process.

The higly reliable Saito decanter is wear resistant and user friendly. It is also economical, efficient and requires low maintenance due to its innovative design and systems.



60 - 65 tonnes FFB / hour
Speed of Bowl and Scroll
Bowl = 3,000rpm
Scroll =  2,970rpm ~ 2,980rpm
Main motor = AC 3phase, 380V / 415V x 50hz / 60hz x 4 poles x 75kW
Back drive motor = AC 3phase, 830V / 415V x 50hz / 60hz x 4 poles x 5.5kW
Contact parts with process liquid = SUS316
Common base bed = SS400
Driven Method
Inverters  (soft start)
Lubrication Oil System
Oil-flushing method


Oil flushing lubrication system

  • To ensure lubrication oil is continuously charging through the main bearing in order to minimize the wear and tear of the bearing. The system also act as tripping device if there is any chockage and low oil pressure occur.

Control panel with inverter

  • Soft start of the main motor while back motor’s speed can be adjusted manually to different speed.
  • To protect the motor from overload by acting as a safety interlocking to detect any high torque due to inbalanced operation in the decanter.
  • Cleaning-in-place enables automatic cleaning without having to distrupt operations.

High torque planetary gearbox

  • Robust quality and low maintenance.

Screw conveyor

  • Maximize decanter performance.
  • Minimize oil lost.

Discharge bushing, Feed nozzle, Feed zone liner

  • Tungsten carbide material for low maintenance and prevention of corrosion.
Operation Data

60 - 65 tonnes FFB / hour
Oil Loss to FFB
Less than 0.5%
Oil Loss in Heavy Phase  (water)
Less than 12%
Oil Loss in Solid Cake (sludge cake)
Less than 14%
Moisture Content in Decanter Cake
Less than 75%

Not Available
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